Media Release – Marchioness “Butcher” Row

By Magda Allani

Created: 16:22 GMT, 20 August 2011

Excerpt (taken from Original Article)

“[…] Even in death, the victims of the Marchioness were subject to strange treatment and robbed of dignity. Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman had ordered the removal of hands from 25 bodies, rather than wait for fingerprinting to be carried out – entirely unnecessary as the Westminster morgue had the best fingerprinting equipment in the country.

Dr William Dolman, his on-site deputy, had objected, particularly as it led to some parents initially receiving the wrong corpse to bury.

Lord Justice Clarke, who conducted the public inquiry, in a separate report criticised Dr Knapman for his decision. Dr Dolman was at pains to tell the inquiry of his chagrin that the precise cause of death – such as a blow to the head – was often not described.”

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